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Life at ICON

We implore ourselves to continually learn and apply such knowledge to innovative processes. Our culture accelerates this process by having team members involved in intelligence gathering, process debate, and execution of our application. We enjoy what we do because it feels good to make a progressive change.

We kick off our week with a team meeting, where we discuss the current week’s agenda. We wrap up the week with a team meeting to unwind with a few beers and discuss what we have learned or achieved for the week.

If you like fun startup cultures that cultivate learning and pushing limits, then do yourself a favor and join us already. Plus it’s pretty fun to ride a unicorn!

  • Essentials

    Competitive salaries are great, which thats what we offer, but you can’t beat our culture.  We want to push limits, but also have you enjoy your experience while doing so.  We are all about living abundantly.

  • Culture

    Umm… Startup, but better, because we are a true disrupter in the industry which is a much more enjoyable ride than a regular startup.

  • Fun

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure our C-levels middle names are “fun”.  Though, before joining you should work on your ping pong skills or if that doesn’t roll your socks up, then the Friday wrap up beer should do the trick.

  • Fuel

    We prefer to escape the office for lunch as a team.  Its  hard enough that the CTO lives under his desk, so we like to get him out for some fresh air.

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