About Us

IngeniousIO was born out of necessity. The entire construction industry has not changed in decades, and we figure it might as well be us that fixes this old industry.

It’s a massive undertaking as we couldn’t just fix one piece of the puzzle. Other applications have been developed, but it only added to the fragmented industry. We realized we had to recreate the entire stack from Owner/Developers all the way to Suppliers/Vendors. Yikes!!! We understand most people wouldn’t take such a large objective, but we like challenges, in fact, that is what drives us. We are a young, driven, and motivated team that is going to accomplish this endeavor.

We hear a lot about disruptive technologies these days, but what’s truly “disruptive”? Slightly improving a process or changing a small process in itself does not constitute “disruptive” to us. Disruptive is a game changer that directly affects a large industry. iCON will change one of the largest industries in the world, and in short order, everyone will know about us.

Our Leadership

  • Nick Carter

    Founder and CEO

    With a love for technological innovation Nick started his first company, Ingenious Development, at the age of 23. His driving passion for software development and defining it with efficient business processes is what motivates him. Starting out as an engineer at Cisco System, working with various startups, consulting with Fortune 100 companies, to purchasing companies and implementing streamlined solutions has defined his career path in technology, business, and economics.

    Nick’s past year endeavor of owning and selling a concrete company lead him to understand the challenges the construction industry faces. iCON was born during this time and was implemented successfully at his own company.

Our Team

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