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IngeniousIO is a simple, intuitive and low cost cloud solution
that fills the gaps in the construction services market.


RFPs and Bid Management, Project Management, Progress Reports, Change Orders, RFIs, Budget Reports and Cost Accounting.


Defining the process of managing projects, tracking cost, Time Management, blue prints and most importantly collaboration between modules.

General Contractors

Streamline Bid Management, Project Management, external collaboration between modules and Cost Accounting.


Quoting, Project Management, Employee Scheduling, Time sheets, Payroll, Union Dues, Equipment Maintenance, Equipment Logistics, and Vendor Management.


Material and Parts Pricing, Delivery Logistics, Quoting, Time Sheets, Submittals, RFI’s, and Expense Tracking Management.

IngeniousIO is the new way of managing construction projects.

Real Time Data Exchange. Real Collaboration. Reduce Inefficiencies and Increase Profits.

Bids, Quotes & Proposals

A fully integrated system with Autodesk to handle all tasks with data. Take quotes and proposals from weeks to minutes.

Project Management & Reporting

The most powerful project management system in the market all driven by data and not documents. Easy to use, but loaded with powerful features.

RFI’s & Collaboration

No more email buckets for projects. Everything is correlated under the project. RFI’s are handled in a much more affective way. You will just have to see it for yourself.

Employee Scheduling

No more phone calls or Excel spreadsheets. Literally drag and drop employees to a job site and you will receive confirmations in real time. It's extremely powerful!

Accounting & Payroll

Streamline payroll from timesheet on our iPad app or generate much more powerful and fully electronic invoices.

Work from Anywhere

It's 2017. We are cloud based with unlimited scalability. You can also send receipts from our iPhone app or work in the field with our iPad app.

Weather Tracking

We monitor the weather and give important notifications when weather can affect your job site.

Material & Equipment Logistics

Order materials and equipment out to the field with a couple touches from your iPad screen.

Resource Planning

Schedule staff in a longer term view and predict your cost on projects. Predictive capabilities!

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